Learning All About Enterprise Text Messaging Solutions

Text messaging has paved the way for mobile communication. It is a much more convenient form of intercommunication, making conveying messages easy regardless of time and location limitations. But for companies that daily communicate with numerous individuals, this beneficial platform leveled up more by developing text messaging solutions.

What is a Text Messaging Solution?

Enterprise text messaging solutions are a sort of software wherein companies can communicate with their clients, leads, and colleagues through messaging. It is a unique software that increases the standard form of SMS (Short Message Service) as firms can simultaneously utilize other mobile communication channels, such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Telegram.

This opportunity authorized companies to share MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service), GIFs (Graphic Interchange Format), stickers, and files with colleagues, higher-ups, clients, and leads. 

Text Messaging Solution Perks

Making conveying messages easy is not the sole advantage text messaging solutions can offer companies. It beholds numerous benefits that help companies with their workload, such as:


Text messaging solutions are operable to message consumers directly. Companies can talk to them in real-time. Still, they also have the scope to have an automated message that they can send as a text based on calendar booking, marketing lists, order confirmations, booking reminders, special offers, and updates to clients.

Live Interactions like Customer Support and Trouble Tickets

While sending automated messages is beneficial, it is still vital to have real-time interaction when handling customer service and trouble tickets. It is completely virtual and does need to be face-to-face. 

Live interactions are crucial as they give companies transparency. It will make their customers feel heard and valued by the enterprise they entrusted their money.

Archive SMS

It is a requirement for companies to archive SMS. This necessity is a must-do, for it is a requirement implemented by the FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) and Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Not only that, it also helps enterprises in various ways, such as:

  • Store text message records
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Perfect evidence used in court
  • Cost-effective option for storing text messages
  • Simple and efficient


All the information mentioned above are the common factors a company should learn regarding text messaging solutions. It is a vital tool they can utilize daily to make their work operation smoother and easier. 

But, TeleMessage, one of the prominent companies known for their business mobile messaging services, says businesses should choose the right communication tool wisely. Firms must guarantee the one they will be picking can support all types of communication, is mobile friendly, highly secure, usable for remote teams, and customizable with integration support. 

Once a text message solution platform possesses all these attributes, it will be easier for companies to achieve their short-term and long-term goals.